Adding customer attributes and displaying them in the Magento admin

Posted on November 27th, 2012 | Posted by admin

No doubt, many a work hour has been dedicated to adding custom customer data to Magento Commerce. Magento is an extremely robust and flexible e-commerce engine, allowing you to customize products with an infinite number of attributes, but this level of customization has not been applied to configuration of customer data.

One of the most common customer attributes has to be an account number. This is especially common with wholesalers. In this post I’ll go over how I added an account number attribute to a Magento site I’m working on for my employer. The basic principles covered here should carry over to any basic customer data you want added to the Magento admin tool. I am assuming you are already familiar with building modules for Magento;

Getting Started

We have basically two objectives:

  1. Provide an input field in the Magento admin tool to add and store the account number
  2. Display the account number in the customer profile section of the admin tool

A possible third objective would be to display this data to the customer on the front end, but we’ll hold off on that part for another day.