Easy cart module in magento

Posted on July 17th, 2011 | Posted by admin

This module is an useful magento extension that allows the customers to review and access their cart. In a few simple steps, you can provide your customers the easiest way to access card that saves their time and increases the quality and the profession of your store.

  1. Allow to specify left/right position
  2. Admin configuration option
  3. Easy installation
  4. Our modules include one year of free updates/upgrades.
  5. Seperated HTML/CSS, W3C validated
  6. Support Magento Version 1.4.x and 1.5.x
  7. 100% open source
  8. Support free guarantee
  9. Live support is always ready

Product Image Preview module in magento

Posted on July 17th, 2011 | Posted by admin

This extension will install a wonderful and ready-to-use product image preview widget in your Magento store. This is an impressive script that allows your visitors to conveniently zoom out an product image that they want to view. Installation is very easy via FTP and no coding experience is required to have module up-and-running.

  1. Allow customers zoom out product images they want to view
  2. Allow admin to configure the following parameters: Image Preview size, Border Image Preview, Border Color for Image Preview, Text Image Preview, Text color
  3. Our modules include one year of free updates/upgrades.
  4. Seperated HTML/CSS, W3C validated
  5. Support Magento Version 1.4.x and 1.5.x
  6. 100% open source
  7. Support free guarantee
  8. Live support is always ready

How to modify existing magento extension without fear?

Posted on June 13th, 2011 | Posted by admin

Today I’m going to give you an real life example on how to modify commercial magento extension in painless manner. If you know how to modify it – great, but is your approach best one? I’ve added functionality and modified behaviour of OSC’s OneStepCheckout extension without any fear of what will happen if client decides to upgrade it to newer version. And finally – here’s how!

First of all, exact thing I had to do is to implement Cdyne’s Address Verification to the checkout over their API. Now, since OneStepCheckout is commercial (and probably upgradeable) I couldn’t just open it’s files and modify them, since all that work would be gone in matter of seconds if client decides to install newer version, so I’ve decided to create an extension of my own that will depend on OneStepCheckout.

That was step 1.
Important things here are:
To do your modification as independent as much as you can.
To keep your work safe as much as you can from overwriting.

Additionally I didn’t want any unnecessary files in templates, as if I overwrite their checkout template file and if they decide to turn off my extension, there’s a big chance that they’ll get some sort of error on frontend, and nobody likes that. 

How you could serve static content files from your Magento extension folder

Posted on June 8th, 2011 | Posted by admin

As a part of my personal ongoing “unobtrusive Magento extensions” campaign. I will show you another “hack”/approach you can apply in order to squeeze your static files under the main extension folder.

When I say static, I am mainly referring to images, CSS and JavaScript in this case.

For example, imagine you are coding an extension called “Sociable“, which will display several links to various web services like Twitter, GoogleBuzz, etc. Links that you can click and the publish a short message about a product/category on that web service. Something like on the image shown below. Logical question is, where do you store your images?

Usually images are stored within the root /media/ folder. So it might seem perfectly fit to store them under the /media/mycompany/mymodule/ folder.

Magento PDF invoice with product images extension

Posted on June 1st, 2011 | Posted by admin

Hello everyone, short while after I wrote article Add custom attribute to Magento’s PDF invoice I received quite a number of requests for explanation on how to add products images to PDF invoice. As I had some time, I’ve created an extension that will do just that.

So, this extension is based on old one with custom attribute. It’s tested on Magento Professional 1.9, and will show thumbnails of product images (if those images exist, and Magento can read them) together with products on invoice.

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