How to simplify the installation of Magento theme?

Posted on February 1st, 2012 | Posted by admin

How to simplify the installation of Magento theme?

It is undeniable that putting one theme in is far from easy for Magento users. You have to take a range of steps to complete that process. The first is copy the whole necessary files into Magento folder and then create static blocks, or edit homepage, make up banner, etc. In some worse cases, you exactly keep all guided steps but the result is not as same as design.

Is there any ways to visualize the installation of Magento theme and make it become easier?

Imagine that you have a new template and you want to set up it for your own store. Before logging in backend you need to extract files into Magento folder. A guiding pop-up appears and asks you to install theme. What you have to do is choose options and click into Next button. After several manipulations of mouse clicks, the template is completely installed on your web-site with sufficient blocks, banner as the original design. That must be very fantastic.

How to set multiple stores/websites with one magento installation on different domains

Posted on May 4th, 2011 | Posted by admin

This article will describe quickest way how to use and configure one Magento installation on different domains.
Point here is what do you want to have on that different domains, for example you want to have chosen categories/products on one domain and the other one will be on different language.
First you figure that and then go to configuration.

So for each domain you need to create webiste in main Magento admin installation:
System > Manage Stores > Create Website

For Name: you enter name of you desired domain (“”)
For Code: you will enter identifier for that domain (“my_website_com”)

After that you will go to:
System > Manage Stores > Create Store

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