how to create a color swatcher in Magento

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Here is a step by step tutorial that will guide you on how to create a color swatcher for magento. This tutorial is all about by hook by crook ;) . My attempt is just to make sure that i have color swatcher in place of drop down on product detail page. When you finished steps by steps process, you should have a running color swatcher on your magento store. If you know magento little bit this blog will help you on how to customise. Its relatively easy, free and you don’t need to purchase some of those expensive commercial magento color swatcher extensions.

Note: In step 4 you may find some syntax error, please fix them, editor limitation.

Quick 5 steps to create color swatch in magento

Step 1: We have two choice either create new attribute for color or use default color attribute provide by magento. If you going for default color attribute then you may skip step 1. If you wish to create new color attribute you can refer the default attribute settings just make sure it has unique “attribute_code”


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The Entity, Attribute and Value (EAV) database architecture is at first, extremely difficult to grasp. Combine this with the lack of documentation on EAV and you find that most people don’t truly appreciate just how good EAV is and more importantly, how well suited it is to Magento. In this article I will attempt to shed some light on EAV in the hopes of helping you understand how it works, why it works and how this knowledge can benefit you as a Magento developer. To better understand this article, I recommend opening up a development Magento database using a tool such as phpMyAdmin.

What is EAV?

EAV stands for Entity, Attribute and Value. Let’s look at each part of that and try to understand them a little better.


The entity represents Magento data items such as products, categories, customers and orders. Each entity (product, category etc) will have it’s own entity record in the database.

Greek – Responsive fashion Magento Theme

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Greek is a pretty, light Magento fashion theme that is great for customers and fashionistas. It is fully responsive and function-ready, with ready-to-go advertising space in static blocks.

magento extension

Greek magento theme is a design with the combination of 2 basic colors : black and white. It’s not only elegant but also quite luxurious. You will be attracted at the first time when you see this template.

Look – Magento Responsive Theme

Posted on December 8th, 2014 | Posted by admin

Look Responsive Magento theme is a professional e-commerce, online marketing theme coded with Bootstrap 3.0, HTML5 and css3, It’s compatible with all mobile devices and retina display ready, modern and cross-browser compatible.

Look - Magento Responsive Theme

  • Responsive Design
  • Support cpanel, Admin config
  • Amazing menu


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Magento is the most popular open source cms platform in the world. This the most used for business ecommerce solutions to selling product online, in backend there have a lots functionally and tricky to use for the first time.

As a magento developer we need to extend the functionally of Megento, so we create custom magento modules .

In this tutorial, I would like to share our simple magento modules that Adding Custom Page to the Customer Account Dashboard in step by step. This module works in version Magento Community Edition

The goal of the tutorial is to create a magento modules in standard way without touching the core files so we need to override the controller core, block and temples to local folder directory, so we can update the Magento in the future.

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